Buy Spotify Plays: Reasons for Streaming Music on Spotify at Your Martial Arts Training

Buy Spotify Plays: Reasons for Streaming Music on Spotify at Your Martial Arts Training

Today, there is a lot of attention around music streaming subscription plans and how they would affect the music business.  It appears like every other week some popular artist is talking about how much they don’t like Spotify, regarded as the biggest music subscription service in the world, complaining as regard their low royalty rates.  To be frank, they are short-sighted. Below is an attempt to throw more light on how necessary it is for artists to buy Spotify plays.

Streaming audio on-demand has been considered for the Billboard charts in the U.S since 2012. In 2013 Billboard included YouTube streaming promoting a broad formula for the Hot 100 songs on Billboard, the preeminent singles music chart, that now include online radio streaming, on-demand audio/video streaming, physical single sales, terrestrial radio airplay, and digital downloads track sales. With this, music fans now have more influence than ever on the chart’s rankings.

Spotify users could easily share whatever they’re listening to through their activity feed on the desktop app, through a deep integration with Facebook that could be seen by all their Facebook friends, and through the direct messaging of other users.  When individuals listen on Spotify it is social and your followers turn to promoters by listening alone. Spotify automatically recommends nearby concerts as well to fans who listen to follow you or listen to a lot of your music, and nearby concerts are revealed to users that visit your artist discography profile on Spotify.

Spotify routinely creates notifications to your fans whenever you release fresh music so they don’t miss out on any of your releases.  Notifications include push mobile notifications, recommendations in the activity feed and email alerts.

The royalty rates that rights holders are paid is a lot higher than numerous alternative services like your online and terrestrial radio station, or favorite video outlet and this represents another awesome reason to buy Spotify plays.  Spotify is paying artists more than twice the amount that common video partners are giving out, and they are paying a lot more than terrestrial and online radio stations.

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