The Sisu Aero Mouthguard Review

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Reviews

Sisu Aero Mouthguard

Our Rating:  
50% Thinner than Typical Mouthguards  
Ages 11 and up
Thickness 1.6 mm
Price $

Revolutionizing the Mouth-guard

SISU Aero 1.6 mm is a mouth guard that feels as light as air while keeping your teeth safe and in place. Its design is a combination of a long experience in the mouth guard industry and a cutting edge “Diffusix” technology.

The basic concept behind the Diffusix technology is the use perforations whose purpose is to oscillate on impact. These oscillations are then spreading the force to the crumple zones which are distributed around the edges. This clever use of physics makes SISU Aero 30% stronger than your average mouth guard, without compromising on its thickness.

Another great perk is that with SISU Aero NextGen you can talk and hydrate effortlessly with the mouth guard in-place. This means not only more comfort during your training but also a better hygiene. The logic is simple. Once you put it on, you do not need to touch it until you finish your training session. Moreover, a fully customized fit and the ultra-slim profile of SISU Aero mouth guard makes it 50% thinner than your average mouth guard.

Who Should the Sisu Mouth Guard

Chris Leben uses the SISU!

So who is it for? Basically anyone above the minimum age of 11 can use it. The SISU Aero mouth guard Next Gen is perfect for all contact sports. It already has numerous fans in sports like hockey, football, basketball, and boxing. But its usage is in fact so versatile that you may see it in anything from Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai to rollerblading and ice skating.  Some users even recommend it as a protection from teeth grinding at night.

The SISU mouth guards are compatible with braces, although I would highly recommend you to consult a dentist for a proper fitting. In this case you should always use the adult size. They also come with a premium, warrantied dental protection for young and adults.

As one would expect, SISU Aero is a soak-and-mold kind of mouth guard. I’ve tested it and the results were impressive to say the least. No matter how many times you decide to remold it again, it will turn out to be as good as new each time. Even the perforated holes will always be in the same place. That means that you can freely experiment with it until you get a perfect fit. All you need is some hot water and a strong bite.

The Verdict

In a nutshell, with SISU Aero mouth guard you are getting more protection and more comfort than with a conventional mouth guard. Significant improvements are visible even when compared to the old SISU models.The NextGen models have a somewhat wider bite pad and rounder edges. This means easier molding and more comfort in your mouth.

Furthermore, the Next Gen series are divided into two main lines:

  1. SISU Junior Next Gen, designed specifically for younger athletes.
  2. SISU Max NextGen, offering a maximum protection to adults involved in high impact sports.

So here is the final judgment. The SISU Aero mouth guards 1.6 mm are really a perfect choice for anyone who needs a mouth guard in their sports. They are light but at the same time they offer a very good protection. While wearing them you will be able to breathe and hydrate normally. Even the communication with your teammates on the field will not be a problem. It is an easy choice. If we take into consideration the quality that you are getting for your buck, the SISU mouth guard Aero 1.6 mm stands at the very top of my list.

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